All of the tools for commercial advertising professionals or anyone interested in being constantly kept up-to-date on self-regulatory activities. This includes all of the decisions reached by self-regulatory bodies and issues of major importance.


The CD “La giurisprudenza completa dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria(Anthelios Edizioni) is available. This is a roundup of all of the Jury’s rulings and the Review Board’s cease-and-desist orders since 1966. It’s a useful tool for academics or professionals working in commercial communications law.

Quaderni IAP

Annotated collections of contested advertisements and the indications of the self-regulatory rules on specific topics. This is a practical tool that is easily consultable to see the trends and judgments of various advertising messages.

Discover the “quaderni” published up to today

Subscription to rulings

Annual collection of all of the Jury’s decisions are sent via electronic mail. The subscription is renewable and costs 90 euros + VAT.

Collection of rulings by industry sectors

Each company that works in a specific industry can ask for the collection of rulings relative to cases in that industry. Each ruling includes the relative “moral” which offers easy, quick consultation and allows one to have the bigger picture on self-regulatory tendencies on various matters.

IAP is member of EASA - European Advertising Standards Alliance and of ICAS - International Council on Ad Self-Regulation EASA_50