The Istituto dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria, Italy’s advertising standards authority, is a private body that since 1966 has regulated advertisements to ensure that the information imparted to consumers is correct and that businesses compete fairly.The rules are set forth in the Code of Advertising Self-Regulation, and are enforced by the Review Board and Jury.All advertisers are required to comply with the Code, and most are members of the Institute who recognise the scope of its operations.



The Institute’s aim is to ensure that all advertising is honest, truthful and accurate; it pursues this aim via a tried and tested system that has proven its ability to eliminate bad advertising and safeguard good advertising.


On average, 90% of the Institute’s rulings concern consumer protection.Approximately 70% of cases brought before the Jury are settled within 8 to 12 days.Speed and efficiency for the benefit of the entire community.



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IAP is member of EASA - European Advertising Standards Alliance and of ICAS - International Council on Ad Self-Regulation EASA_50