For Citizens

Each year in Italy, thousands of commercial communications are diffused via the most diverse means. Most of these respect the rules of the Self-Regulatory Code for Commercial Communications, but if you find that some of these don’t respect them, you can notify IAP.

The Review Board is the body that works to guarantee the interests of the citizen/consumer.

It carries out its duties thanks to the monitoring of advertising messages it does as part of its work and also thanks to complaints from the public.

To complain a message that you don’t find appropriate or accurate,  you merely need to fill out and send the online form.

Once we have received the notification and examined the case, the committee may decide to contact the advertiser and ask him to supply documentation to verify the claims and information in the ad.

If the Review Board finds that there has been wrongdoing, it can take various actions:

  • for minor infractions, the committee may ask the advertiser to make a quick change to the message;
  • if the message is clearly incorrect, the committee may take action and issue a cease-and-desist order to block it from being circulated;
  • more complex cases may go before the Jury.

The case may be dismissed immediately when:

  • the message doesn’t seem to go against the Self-Regulatory Code.
  • the notifications made don’t pertain to the protection of citizens/consumers but mainly have to do with competitive interests;
  • neither the advertiser nor the means of commercial communication adhere to the self-regulatory system.

We will respond to all complaints.

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IAP is member of EASA - European Advertising Standards Alliance and of ICAS - International Council on Ad Self-Regulation EASA_50